Sr. Marketing Specialist


April 10, 2017

Job Location:

Fremont, CA


Master’s degree in Business or Marketing. Must possess sufficient knowledge eCRM (Electronic Customer Relationship Management) to understand and fulfill customers' needs. Must also possess sufficient knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to help build the website friendly to search engine.

Job Duties:

·         Support the Director of Promotions in development of marketing material, brand kits, and core material deliverables.

·         Integrate the U.S. and international market trends and conditions for potential purchase and sales of health care products and medical equipment;

·         Lead statistical data on past sales to forecast future sales, analyze market trends and using statistical techniques and software to determine effective marketing methods in order to maximize its revenue potential;

·         Troubleshoot and resolve problems associated with the marketing research results and competitor strategies into clear marketing recommendations and forecast marketing and sales trends;

·         Drive potential business partnership by discovering and exploring business opportunities, contacting the prospective customers, and establishing business relationship;

·         Develop highly geographically diverse business environment to drive effective discussions and long-term strategic options to grow the profit (e.g., market leads, customer experience, operations, market research);

·         Perform analysis such as comparative analysis, rationalization analysis, sourcing decisions and cost optimization identification analysis; and

·         Perform market intelligence analysis for current and emerging market movement trends.


Send resume to:

Comfylife, Inc. 4118 Clipper Ct., Fremont, CA 94538 /