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Durable Medical Equipment

Ez2care is a manufacturer and distributor of durable medical equipment products for homecare, rehabilitation, and orthopedic purposes. Our product ranges from mobility equipment, bathroom safety, and living independence.
Ez2care strives to combine the latest innovations in the field of DME products to meet the needs of our customers. With state-of-the-art research equipment, Ez2care tests product quality and structural designs in-house. We make sure that each product line abides the according regulations. With our established process in research, design, manufacture, and quality control, Ez2care aims to satisfy every customer we serve and provide the best products on the market.

Sport and Athletics

Bracoo is a company dedicated to the designs and manufacture of sporting braces and rehabilitation products with a combination of the latest technology and user-friendly features. Bracoo's cooperation with research facilities have given us insights to what the athletes really need. Since 2011, Bracoo has been a leader in providing the customers with products of exceptional design and quality.
With research-backed product design and industry-leading materials selection, Bracoo aims to offer the market the ultimate combination between utility and comfort. When innovative designs and manufacturing meets impeccable quality control, Bracoo products are on a quest to revolutionize the sporting brace industry, and we hope to extend our service to everyone that is in need.

Health and Beauty

Fytto is an innovative company dedicated to providing its customers with the best quality compression hosiery using state-of-the-art technology and knitting methods. Every piece of gradient compression garment manufactured by Fytto is guaranteed to meet the highest inspection standards and the customer's needs. Throughout the years, Fytto has evolved into a comprehensive compression hosiery company with a combination of quality, function, and genuine care four our customers.
Throughout the company history, we have developed the market of medical hosiery via professional team and established the standard operational process from research, design, sampling, and sales. We not only pursue superior quality, but we also aim for comfortable wearing experience and fashionable designs.

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